World Ayurveda day – 25 October 2019

Today is 4th world Ayurveda day, Ayurveda is a science which not only thinks about curative but also preventive also. This world Ayurveda day’s theme is Ayurveda for longevity. As we know according to who the no of old age people is increasing day by day, after 30 years around 35 percent of the whole population will be old age, so there will be big problems in front of us in future to treat old age people because there will typically some diseases which will happen to old age people like osteoarthritis of knee, spondylitis or degenerative disc disease of spine, hair fall, dementia, degeneration of bones like osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetes, digestive problems, etc.

So we have to prevent the above disease with the help of Ayurveda. Treatment like massage, steam, Shirodhara, basti, pinda, application of medicated oil, purgation, detoxification we can advise to the patient or to a healthy individual for preventive and curative aspect.


We at Vedany Ayurveda clinic at Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune  not only prescribe medicine but we suggest a diet chart to the patients for being healthy. Today is the day when the lord dhanwanrari came to Earth. So on this auspicious day, we should start new thought of being healthy for the next 100 years.