Vedang Ayurveda is located in Pune . We have fully equipped Panchakarma setup with well qualified, trained and efficient staff. The staff is efficient in catering local as well as foreign delegates. We mean to give every client our best services. We keep in mind the aim of Ayurveda which is to cure disease of the diseased and keep health of the healthy person maintained.

Our Vision

Personalized patient care is what sets Vedang Ayurveda Center apart. We have plans to put a footstep in bringing awareness about Ayurveda among the people. Vedang Ayurveda believes that this gift of nature should be made available to the low income groups and hence we arrange various health camps so that such groups can get benefit of Ayurvedic treatment.


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This is your Ayurvedic getaway. Join us for retreats in Panchakarma, Yoga and Ayurveda, Stress Management through Ayurveda and many more. These retreats will have wholesome Ayurvedic food, a daily routine and lifestyle based on Ayurvedic principles, wonderful Ayurvedic speakers, meditation and much more. Retreat information will be available when they are scheduled.

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We promised to take care… and delivered


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About Us