Eczema means dermatitis, there are different types of dermatitis. Derma means skin and titis means inflammation. So dermatitis means inflammation of the skin.
Types of dermatitis are
1 Acute dermatitis
2 Chronic dermatitis
3 Atopic dermatitis
4 Contact allergic dermatitis etc
5 seborrhoeic dermatitis
The prevalence rate of above all dermatitis is increasing and India above all dermatitis is common. Atopic eczema is a dermatitis present from birth. The infant develops atopic dermatitis skin symptoms after 10 to 15 days of birth to 5 years of birth. Atopic dermatitis not only present in children but also all adults also suffer.

Common symptoms of atopic dermatitis –
1 Dryness of skin
2 Itching of skin
3 Redness of skin
4 Hypo or Hyperpigmentation
5 scaling of the skin
6 irritation to baby
7 thickness of the skin

Diet and things to avoid
1 Avoid fermented food
2 Avoid bakery product
3 Avoid steal food
4 Avoid maida, basin or junk food
5 Avoid ice cream
6 Avoid sour and salty food
7 Avoid air conditions

Treatment includes blood purifier and panchakarma like a leech therapy, consumption of ghee, detoxification of the body.

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