Headache common problems arising in a couple of years. There are different types of headaches like migraine, tension headache, headache due to sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, headache die to CSF issues, headache due to refractive error, etc.
In modern medicine, headache is treated with painkillers only. But in Ayurveda we at our Ayurveda clinic we diagnose the patient and rule out the exact cause before prescribing medicine. Generally sinusitis always with the common cold or allergic rhinitis. Migraine always with hyperacidity. There are different locations of headache, these locations are useful for the diagnosis of types of headaches. We, ayurvedic doctors, recommend black dried grapes for hyperactivity and migraine. The use of dried ginger applications and internally will be useful in sinusitis and headache. There will plenty of herbal remedies to treat a headache. There are very good results in panchakarma to treat different headaches. Vaman, Nasya and Shirodhara are very much helpful in the headache. Different herbal lepas or application is very much useful in the headache.

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