Allergic Rhinitis

Rhinitis means inflammation of the nose and pharynx. Rhinitis having many causes but one of the most common causes is allergic. In the western country, there are frequent complaints of allergic rhinitis but in India also the rate of this disease is increasing
Symptoms of allergic rhinitis –
1 sneezing
2 common cold
3 running nose
4 nose block
5 headache
6 itching in the nose

causes – there are different allergens around us but commonest people are suffering from
Pollen grains, perfumes, dust, etc.
These above are direct causes according to modern science but according to Ayurveda the circumstances in the respiratory system will be abnormal first so leads to low immunity of the respiratory system and due to this low immunity will lead to easily attack of above allergens and leads to allergic rhinitis.

Treatment – In modern science allergic rhinitis treated with antihistamine medicine, antiallergic medicine, etc. But disease and symptoms reoccur.
Ayurveda treatment mainly based on increasing immunity and decreasing local symptoms.
Panchkarma like nasyam means pouring educated in oils or ghee in the nostrils.
Some ayurvedic medicine which will boost respiratory immunity will be useful, like tulsi, haldi, lavang, adhulsa or vasa, etc.
Use maximum Haldi or turmeric in milk or food.
Pranayama is very much useful in allergic rhinitis or sinusitis.
Exercise always beneficial in this disorder.
The patient should avoid cold, fermented food, junk food, ice cream, air-conditioner, etc.


Atopic Eczema and Ayurveda

Eczema means dermatitis, there are different types of dermatitis. Derma means skin and titis means inflammation. So dermatitis means inflammation of the skin.
Types of dermatitis are
1 Acute dermatitis
2 Chronic dermatitis
3 Atopic dermatitis
4 Contact allergic dermatitis etc
5 seborrhoeic dermatitis
The prevalence rate of above all dermatitis is increasing and India above all dermatitis is common. Atopic eczema is a dermatitis present from birth. The infant develops atopic dermatitis skin symptoms after 10 to 15 days of birth to 5 years of birth. Atopic dermatitis not only present in children but also all adults also suffer.

Common symptoms of atopic dermatitis –
1 Dryness of skin
2 Itching of skin
3 Redness of skin
4 Hypo or Hyperpigmentation
5 scaling of the skin
6 irritation to baby
7 thickness of the skin

Diet and things to avoid
1 Avoid fermented food
2 Avoid bakery product
3 Avoid steal food
4 Avoid maida, basin or junk food
5 Avoid ice cream
6 Avoid sour and salty food
7 Avoid air conditions

Treatment includes blood purifier and panchakarma like a leech therapy, consumption of ghee, detoxification of the body.


Ayurveda for Headache

Headache common problems arising in a couple of years. There are different types of headaches like migraine, tension headache, headache due to sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, headache die to CSF issues, headache due to refractive error, etc.
In modern medicine, headache is treated with painkillers only. But in Ayurveda we at our Ayurveda clinic we diagnose the patient and rule out the exact cause before prescribing medicine. Generally sinusitis always with the common cold or allergic rhinitis. Migraine always with hyperacidity. There are different locations of headache, these locations are useful for the diagnosis of types of headaches. We, ayurvedic doctors, recommend black dried grapes for hyperactivity and migraine. The use of dried ginger applications and internally will be useful in sinusitis and headache. There will plenty of herbal remedies to treat a headache. There are very good results in panchakarma to treat different headaches. Vaman, Nasya and Shirodhara are very much helpful in the headache. Different herbal lepas or application is very much useful in the headache.


Female Infertility

Infertility is the commonest disorder in this era because of the sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of exercise and continuously sitting work. Causes of female infertility are mainly polycystic ovarian disease, obesity, tubal block, low AMH, etc. The treatment in modern medicine is limited. So nowadays the world is looking towards Ayurveda for infertility treatment. In Ayurveda with the help of panchkarma, we suggest detoxification of the body so it will lead to the purification of the body. Nowadays we are suggesting pre conceptional panchakarma to every couple, it will not only benefit for conceiving but it will help to for good nourishment to the fetus, avoid the complication to mother, good nourishment to mother, etc. With the help of basti, we can treat tubal block also and with the help of vaman we can treat obesity. some times females are suffering from idiopathic infertility means infertility with no cause. For infertility, Ayurveda has the best results. with the help of Ayurveda, we can treat infertility. So come and take the opportunity and be a parents with a healthy child.


Psoriasis : Causes and Treatment

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that includes different symptoms like scaling, redness, itching, etc. First of all, we should understand the causes of psoriasis, According to Ayurveda causes are

1. Sour and salty foods
2 Spicy food
3 Due to constipation
4 incompatible food like milk along with fruit, milk along with fish, etc
5 Fish
6 Stress
7 Junk food etc
8 Milk and dairy product

So we should avoid the above biological factors before starting treatment.

While treatment there is a different condition in psoriasis means
Condition no 1 – redness
Condition no 2 – scaly and black color pigmentation
Condition no 3 – only scale with thickened skin
Condition no 4 – redness with scales
Why I am explaining conditions because according to Ayurveda there is a different medicine for different conditions. So people always ask me what is the general treatment for Ayurveda? So I always explain them according to the condition we should always change medicine. Ayurveda, we prefer the r detoxification of the body regularly. So I am requesting all of you try Ayurveda by showing the nearby ayurvedic doctor.

Dr. Sachin Rohani
M.D. Ayurveda
Ph.D. scholar in psoriasis


Vitiligo – Ayurvedic skin treatment in Pune

Vitiligo –


Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder which occurs commonly, and this disorder melanin secretion is absent or decreased. According to Ayurveda vitiligo caused due to junk food, bakery products, curd, sour products. Vitiligo is treatable in Ayurveda with ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma ( detoxification). Some patient thinks it is the type of skin allergy but it is an autoimmune disorder. So Ayurveda will treat the exact cause of vitiligo.



Hypothyroid and Ayurveda treatment

Hypothyroid is the biggest challenge in front of us because of the prevalence rate of hypothyroid is increasing. The causes like bad sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, junk food, stress, continuously sitting in the office, laziness, etc. Obesity is a trigger for hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism will lead to obesity so in such cases we are facing a vicious cycle. With the help of ayurvedic treatment, detoxification, meditation, exercise, the ayurvedic diet we can overcome these diseases such that hypothyroidism. Medicine like Kanchan Guggulu, Triphala will be helpful in treatment. We at our Ayurvedic clinic we are decreasing thyronorm tablet gradually. So don’t suddenly stop allopathic medicine. It takes time to stop the medicine.