Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that includes different symptoms like scaling, redness, itching, etc. First of all, we should understand the causes of psoriasis, According to Ayurveda causes are

1. Sour and salty foods
2 Spicy food
3 Due to constipation
4 incompatible food like milk along with fruit, milk along with fish, etc
5 Fish
6 Stress
7 Junk food etc
8 Milk and dairy product

So we should avoid the above biological factors before starting treatment.

While treatment there is a different condition in psoriasis means
Condition no 1 – redness
Condition no 2 – scaly and black color pigmentation
Condition no 3 – only scale with thickened skin
Condition no 4 – redness with scales
Why I am explaining conditions because according to Ayurveda there is a different medicine for different conditions. So people always ask me what is the general treatment for Ayurveda? So I always explain them according to the condition we should always change medicine. Ayurveda, we prefer the r detoxification of the body regularly. So I am requesting all of you try Ayurveda by showing the nearby ayurvedic doctor.

Dr. Sachin Rohani
M.D. Ayurveda
Ph.D. scholar in psoriasis

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