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We offer a wide range of Essential Oils which helps you to improve your health, immunity, body, skin and hair. Either you want a citrusy fragrant or sweet flowery we cover all with various variety.

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Kumkumadi is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation. It has been used for centuries to prevent and heal various skin ailments, and to beautify the complexion. Say bye bye to dark circles, fine lines, pigmentations, and get a clear, healthy, glowing and beautiful skin with our Kumkumadi Thailam. 

Orange Essential Oil

Aren’t we aware about the benefits of oranges? Our Orange essential oil is not just an oil it’s a tonic. This orange essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties best for people dealing with skin allergies. Eliminate infection and reduce swelling with our orange essential oil. Using this essential oil in the kitchen, one can contribute to great smells and reduce those pesky odors that come with food preparation.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil has a fresh citrusy aroma with a hint of mint. It is a great choice for treating anxiety and depression, as well as for helping with respiratory infections. This oil can eliminate negative thoughts from your mind and acts as a powerful antidepressant. We are not limited to only this- Our Bergamot essential oil is great for cleaning & disinfecting, and also for prevention of bacterial and viral infections

Lime Essential Oil

There are countless benefits of our lime essential oil- it helps in building your immune system, relieves muscle ache and stiffness, purifies your surroundings, improves circulation and reduce edema, makes your skin feel fresh and what not. It’s also relaxing, making it a perfect partner for massage. Our lime essential oil is a natural astringent and cleansing agent that also helps remove excess oil from the skin.

Citrus Fruit Essential Oil

Citrus fruit essential oil is an excellent natural remedy for skin and hair like dark spots, oily skin, beakheads, dandruff, fizzy hair and so on. Say hello to good skin and hair with our oils. Our citrus fruit essential oil has the ability to reduce stress, mental fatigue and emotional exhaustion. It is also used to relieve symptoms associated with the common cold.

Geranium Essential Oil

Our geranium essential oil improves blood circulation, clears skin blemishes, tones back oily hair and helps relieve headaches. Also, this oil protects your skin from UVB rays which leads to wrinkles and premature aging. It enhances the shine of your hair, helps clear blemishes on your face or body, removes dirt and removes stains from your cloth or clothes.


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