Hypothyroid and Ayurveda treatment

Hypothyroid is the biggest challenge in front of us because of the prevalence rate of hypothyroid is increasing. The causes like bad sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, junk food, stress, continuously sitting in the office, laziness, etc. Obesity is a trigger for hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism will lead to obesity so in such cases we are facing a vicious cycle. With the help of ayurvedic treatment, detoxification, meditation, exercise, the ayurvedic diet we can overcome these diseases such that hypothyroidism. Medicine like Kanchan Guggulu, Triphala will be helpful in treatment. We at our Ayurvedic clinic we are decreasing thyronorm tablet gradually. So don’t suddenly stop allopathic medicine. It takes time to stop the medicine.


Ulcer treatment in Ayurveda

There are different types of ulcers like peptic ulcer which manifest in stomach and duodenum, varicose ulcer and diabetic foot or ulcer which manifest in legs, bedsores which manifest in generally back and buttock, mouth ulcers also called as stomatitis, retinal ulcers, intestinal ulcers, etc. There is a limitation in treatment in modern medicine.

According to Ayurveda due to situation of pitta leads to an ulcer. Causes of ulcers like smoking, eating excessive spicy food, alcohol, stress, uncontrolled diabetes, tobacco chewing, excessive standing in varicose ulcer, excessive allopathic tablets, other things which increase heat, etc.
Ayurveda heals the ulcer with the help of internal medicine which decreases pitta and panchakarma is an important role in the treatment.

Different types of a leap, powders, washing with the decision of herbal medicine are very useful. The patient should avoid the causes of ulcers because prevention is better than cure. We at Ayurveda clinic at Pimpri Chinchwad treated more than 60 ulcer patients. It important is to treat the root cause.

Dr. Sachin Rohani
M.D. Ayurveda
Ph.D. scholar in psoriasis
Ajmera, macular colony
Pimpri Chinchwad


Ayurvedic treatment for allergic dermatitis

Skin Allergy caused due to different allergens like pollen grain, sunburn, hyperacidity, irritant soap, contact with chemical, application of any beauty product, excessive washing, eating some none compatible food, etc.
The symptoms in allergic dermatitis-like itching, redness, scaling, the thickness of skin, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation of the skin, etc.

According to Ayurveda allergy is due to low immunity of the body, constipation, dryness of skin, toxins in the body, irritable bowel syndrome( IBS), improper working of liver, excessive uses of air condition or excessive stay in cold weather, etc.

The treatment according to Ayurveda is a blood purifier, excessive ghee intake, detoxification or panchakarma like emesis, purgation, basti, bloodletting, massage, and steam with herbal oil. We always at our clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad suggest the patient avoid junk food, dry food, steal food, sour and salty food, incompatible food like curd with sour, milk with fruit or milkshakes, fish with milk, etc. These above foods will cause blood impurity and the formation of toxins leads to blockage of small channels. Ayurveda has very good treatment for allergy it might be a skin allergy or nasal allergy.